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Play time is the perfect time to practice the skills developed in our one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) sessions. We offer age-based social skills groups for MeBe ABA clients that meet regularly to help your child make friends in an engaging environment facilitated by our ABA therapy teams.

“Regular group interaction, combined with one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, can teach your child to play well with others at school and home—for stronger relationships with their peers and siblings.”

Abigail Bunt, M.Ed., BCBA
MeBe Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Social Skills Programs

Our early intervention group helps children learn the ins and outs of group interactions during key years of development. Children practice skills that are ideal for preschool, like pretend play, cooperative play, greetings, and responding to requests from peers.

School-age children build on skills learned in the preschool group, initiating and responding to social interactions in a play-filled setting. Your child will learn how to sustain social play, take turns, and follow group instructions, for an easier transition between home and school.

For older kids, the “Hangout” group is perfect for your child’s transition from elementary to middle school. This engaging group helps to navigate change and builds more complex skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, unstructured social time, and conversation.

As your child grows and becomes more independent, we embrace their uniqueness and help them do the same. Community Access Program (CAP) meetups focus on social problem solving, community interactions, and navigating social norms and social media.

Watch this recorded MeBe Learning webinar to learn strategies to help your child develop social skills through play with siblings and peers.

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