Our Approach

What matters is what works

At MeBe, we know that equipping children with language gives them the greatest chance to live their best lives. And we never forget that children learn best when they’re happy and motivated. That’s why we use the proven techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT) to develop the specific skills and behaviors your child needs to be successful and independent.

Serious fun—the essence of MeBe

Play, reward, and ongoing assessments of what’s working and what isn’t form the bedrock of our approach. We embrace ABA techniques because they’re based on proven scientific principles of learning and behavior. ABA supplies the tools we need to analyze the causes and consequences of productive and counterproductive behaviors, and it provides positive strategies for closing the skill gap between your child and his or her peers.

Flexible and play-filled

ABA techniques are flexible and play-filled—enabling us to design a personalized treatment plan of games and activities that can evolve as your child evolves through pre-school or school-aged years. Here’s how we structure our work with your child and your family.

In-home assessment and program development

Our work together begins when we visit you and your child at home. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) from our team will come to chat, observe, review relevant medical and school records, and prepare a complete assessment. The BCBA will identify any skill deficits your child may face relative to his or her peers. We then use all this data to create individualized objectives and learning targets for every aspect of your child’s development.

One-to-one ABA/VB therapy

We start one-to-one therapy with fun, playful activities. During these sessions, one of our MeBe-trained Behavior Technicians will establish a rapport with your child and introduce the learning tasks laid out in your treatment plan. Our BTs combine natural play activities, direct instruction, reward systems, and visual supports in the proportion that best suits your child’s learning needs. The goal of these sessions is to have fun while learning.

Ongoing data analysis

Each therapy session includes data collection by your child’s Behavior Technician on each target skill involved in the session. A member of our BCBA team reviews your child’s data every week to verify progress and to recommend programming or teaching strategy adjustments as needed.

Behavior change programs

At MeBe, we take pride in our ability to address behavioral excesses that may have an impact on your child’s ability to learn or engage in activities at home, school, or in the community. We use ABA techniques to get at the heart of why these behaviors occur and complete a Functional Behavior Assessment of your child. We then create an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan based on those findings. This plan will include detailed information for you and your child’s Behavior Technician about how to prevent a behavioral excess from occurring, how to respond when it does occur, and specific behaviors to teach your child that will replace the problem behavior.

Family training

Meaningful and sustainable behavior change requires consistency across all settings and people with whom your child regularly interacts—including everyone on the MeBe team and your own family. That’s why we require family training for all our clients. As part of your MeBe experience, you will learn how to respond to your child’s productive and counterproductive behaviors and how to use research-based ABA methods to help your child learn new behaviors.

On-location outings

When you are part of the MeBe family, we will meet you in the environments where your child is most comfortable or needs special attention. You’ll often find us at a sibling’s soccer game to work on independent leisure activities, for example, or at worship with your family to practice remaining quiet during the service. We can be wherever your family needs to be.

Designed for your child

Our collaboration with you begins with conversation and in-home assessment.

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