School-Aged Programs

Navigating school and life

Your child’s school-aged years are a period of transition, challenges, and tremendous potential for growth. At MeBe, we embrace the journey from ages five to 18 as a time to build on your child’s expanding horizons—and to keep upping the fun factor.

Early school years

Never ones to color strictly between the lines, we apply the tools and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and verbal behavior therapy in fun and flexible ways that respond to your child’s progress. Whenever possible, MeBe’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Behavior Technicians collaborate closely with the teachers and staff at your child’s school to ensure consistency across home and school environments.


Our goals during the early school years include continuing to develop key learning skills for your child in:


Social/emotional awareness


Self help


"We also work with you on fun and creative
strategies to reduce your child’s engagement
with inappropriate behaviors and to teach
socially appropriate replacement behaviors."

— Abigail Bunt, MeBe Cofounder, Executive Director

Teenage years

As appropriate to your child’s needs and circumstances, we create a program for the teen years that promotes independence and success with vocational skills and daily living. We also remain laser-focused on the fact that everyone learns best when learning is as entertaining and stress free as possible. 




Prioritizing communication

We continue to prioritize communication during these years and also target specific pre-adult skills for your teen in:

Community interactions

Leisure activities

Academic functionality

Managing transitions

Home life

Vocational capabilities

Designed for your child

Our collaboration with you begins with conversation and in-home assessment.

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